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Stuck in SAP ABAP?
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  • Ques. How do I create a post at Dr. Tech?
    Ans. To add a new post follow the below steps: 1. Go to our Forum page or Blog page. 2. After that you need to log in/signup. If you're already logged in then you can skip this step. 3. Click the “Create new post" button and then you have to provide the category in which you need to post. The premium category is locked. Only Dr. Tech members can post in the premium category. 4. Create a unique post. 5. Save and publish.
  • Ques. Can I insert an image, video, or gif in my post?
    Ans. No, but you can discuss it in words without media.
  • Ques. What can I post on Dr. Tech?
    Ans. Well, Dr. Tech is all about SAP ABAP. So, we can discuss any query related to SAP ABAP. Also, we can post the latest things related to SAP ABAP only. These include interview questions, answers, short tricks, and other ABAP-related things.
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