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Most Frequently Asked SAP ABAP HCM Interview Questions 2023

Hello Peeps!

We have collected multiple SAP HCM Interview Questions from different candidates having two years of experience in SAP ABAP HCM and appeared for the interview in 2023. Based on that data we have found some SAP HCM questions that are most frequently asked by the interviewers in different companies. We have already uploaded company-wise SAP HCM Interview Question 2023 in our forum so go and check them out. If you have very less time and you need last-minute go-to questions for the interview then you can prepare these most common questions that are frequently asked in multiple SAP ABAP HCM Interviews.

Let's have a look at the most frequently asked SAP ABAP HCM interview questions 2023

  • How many projects have you worked on and what is your role in those projects?

(Hint: Tell them about your projects and only describe the role in which you are confident and are prepared for the answers related to that particular object. It is always considered the best practice if you describe your strongest areas in your role. It acts as a savior because most of the interviewers ask questions related to your role only.)

  • What are the things you keep in mind while doing self-code reviews?

(Checkout the link

  • What are your strong objects in SAP ABAP HCM?

(Hint: In this question only speak those objects which you are prepared for and you have technical knowledge because sometimes the interviewer may ask some core technical things from that object. )

  • What developments have you done and what was the requirement?

(Hint: Tell them about your independent development where you didn't require any support from peers. And also, be prepared for the upcoming questions from the same object you have just talked about.)

  • What are data dictionary objects?

  • What are views? How many types of views are there in SAP?

  • What are pool tables?

  • What is idoc?

  • What is the need of domain in DDIC?

  • What are the events in ABAP reports?

  • What are enhancements? How many types of enhancements are there?

  • What are BADIs?

  • What is the difference between regular payroll, offset payroll, and retro payroll?

  • Where do we check the payroll status in HCM?

  • What is webdynpro? Is it possible to call one webdynpro from another webdynpro?

  • What is workflow? How do you execute a workflow?

  • How will you check the performance of your code?

  • How many time constraints are there and what is the difference between them?

  • What is time management in SAP HCM?

  • What is the difference between SAP ABAP and SAP HR ABAP?

So, these are the most frequently asked questions in SAP ABAP HCM interviews in 2023. We have provided some hints for the general questions and the rest of them are the technical ones you can google their answers anytime.

These questions are a mix of multiple IT companies (Accenture, TCS, Deloitte, ADP, etc.). Candidates who are looking forward to switching the company due to any reason and want to crack the interviews, go and prepare these questions.

Happy Learning!

Dr. Tech

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