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Hello Peeps!!!

Welcome to Dr. Tech!

Let's begin our SAP journey and enhance our coding skills.

As we step into a new industry, we realize that professional technology and the technology which we have learned in our graduation or post-grad are very different. Practical experiences before joining any MNC are very much different from the hands-on in MNCs. SAP is one of the latest IT solutions for most MNCs which most of us have never heard of in our student life.

However, the technology used in SAP ABAP HCM is more like database queries. SAP has many modules and HCM is one of them. We’ll talk about SAP in detail in our upcoming post. Since we are initiating our journey in SAP, let’s cheer and kick-start our career with Dr. Tech.

Dr. Tech welcomes you to share your experiences in SAP ABAP and ask your doubts and queries openly. In case you are stuck somewhere, just ask your queries and get them resolved instantly by professionals.

Happy Learning!

Dr. Tech

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