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How to do self-code reviews in SAP ABAP reports?

Hello Peeps!

As we begin our journey in SAP ABAP, no one talks about self-code reviews. Many of us are not aware of self-code reviews after developing the reports or any other developments. Self-code reviews are very crucial for our development as it leads to good performance.

So, here we go with some important points we need to keep in mind while doing self-code reviews.

  • Proper naming conventions should be followed throughout the program.

  • If you are doing any modifications to the existing code, don’t ever remove the existing code just comment it and start writing your code. Always initiate your code with the comment “Start of Changes” and “End of Changes”. Also, mention your employee ID and the date on which the changes have been made.

  • If we are using the same message class throughout the development object then we should use different MESSAGE-ID<id>.

  • Always put a ‘sy-subrc’ check after the READ statement.

  • Only SELECT the required fields, don’t unnecessarily select the entire table. Always use where conditions to limit the field selection. This improves code efficiency and prevents excess loading time.

  • Another important thing is to clear the work areas and variables throughout the program otherwise this can lead to inconsistent data.

  • Always check LOOP and ENDLOOP are properly applied. Take care of nested loops.

  • Use CASE statement instead of ‘IF-ELSEIF’. This also improves code performance.

  • Always refresh itabs after use and clear the work areas and other variables before use to prevent garbage values.

  • Avoid hardcoding values. You can declare constants wherever possible.

  • No nested SELECT statements should be there.

  • Also, you can use the pretty-printer to format the code. This allows readers to understand your code better.

  • If a piece of code is getting used more than once then make a form routine and place that piece of code there. And then use that form routine in different places.

So, there are the few points that we can check while doing self-code reviews.

Happy Learning!

Dr. Tech

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